Community Benefit

 * Prevention  * Early Intervention * Crisis Intervention 

Preventing problems
We are not just here for times of crisis – we also campaign for changes to policy and practice that can benefit millions of people each year.  Our case notes are used to form the foundation of our evidence based policy work.  We use them anonymously to demonstrate to policy makers and service providers the impact of their decisions and to lobby for improvement

Improving well being
The improved health and confidence that clients often report after receiving advice reduce strain on local health services and increase community cohesion.

Support for families
CAB also makes a positive contribution to the local economy through such means as

  • Reducing inequality
  • Increased financial capability and  gains through benefit take up and awards and resolution of debt.  Our clients tell us that the majority of funds gained by CAB are spent locally which benefits the whole economy of East Lothian
  • Enabling and supporting our Volunteers to gain additional skills, knowledge, experience and confidence through our national CAB Adviser Training Programme and work based learning.  The experience gained at CAB has enabled many of our job seeking volunteers to secure paid employment with related savings to the public purse.
  • Creating jobs through attracting additional funding for specialist services